For Your Customers

Accelerate Your Customers To Simplify Their Life in 3 Seconds

Keep positively in touch with your customers every day

Most industries have only occasional positive customer contact and as a result experience their brand image suffering
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Massively improve reordering & Retention

Our platform gets your customers to reorder in 3 seconds

Customer Benefit

Get things done!

Chores and duties are wrapped into a pleasant environment, allowing for playful accomplishment and encouraging competition.


Feel like a valued customer by receiving an additional service which is easy to use and comes with no strings attached.

Your first step to the Internet of Things

Discover that a new aspect of technology you deemed complicated and expensive so far can easily and inexpensively be integrated into your life.


Your Benefit

Stay in touch everyday

Connect to your customers everyday by associating your product with the completion of daily tasks.

Unlock a younger audience

Strengthen product visibility

Embed your products within our solution to create awareness in a non-promotional environment.

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