For Enterprise

Accelerate Your Employees To Achieve Complex Tasks in 3 Seconds

Save time and increase reliability

Perform complex item, task, user and location identification instantly and reduce the complexity of error-prone tasks

Massively improve reordering & Retention

Our platform gets your customers to reorder in 3 seconds

Employee Benefit

Perform without errors

Know exactly what should be done, when, and how.

Contextual Guidance


Your Task Navigator

Get your tasks done, one at a time, requiring less supervision and communication.


Your Benefit

Increase employee performance

Fewer errors and quicker results increase the efficiency of your taskforces.

Improve process efficiency

Get instant analysis of the duration, sequencing and quality of tasks. Use the insight for better planning and management.

Reduce Training Costs

Allow your employees to start working quicker with less supervision and in multiple languages.